My practice encompasses all those who are a part of a family. Women, men, young adults, teenagers, children and grandparents are the primary focus of my practice either individually or together.  I practice;

  • Family Therapy; intact families struggling with the complicated, competitive and technological life of raising children and adolescents, families grieving loss and all other significant changes that affects a family.

  • Divorce and Post Divorce Therapy for adults, adolescents and childrenIn the midst of divorce it is difficult for parents to have emotional distance and intellectual objectivity to help their children and often themselves. Using the therapeutic process during this most difficult and painful experience significantly reduces stress and can improve long-term adjustment.

  • Work with the Family Court System, Child Reps, Guardian ad Litem, Attorney's and Judges.

  • Parenting Consultation and Guidance to help teach useful ways to raise children and adolescents in a world of technological addictions, alcohol and drugs and to help improve setting boundaries and respecting family rules and values.

  • Reunification Therapy is when parental alienation is strongly suspected or when children are estranged from a parent. This is a slow and delicate process.

  • Individual Therapy; women's issues, men struggling with relationships and communication, children's problems both at home and school and helping teenagers navigate the many facets of being an adolescent in this competitive, complicated, technological world we live in.

  • Art Therapy which integrates art and creativity with therapy. Art therapy works with all ages, but especially helps children and adolescents develop self-awareness and self-management skills, those struggling with anxiety, OCD, fear/phobias, separation, depression, academic discouragement, behavioral problems, loss/grief, attachment, social/emotional issues, anger and ADHD.

  • Parent Coorindation

  • ​Meditation

I am in private practice and see clients Tuesday through Saturday.  My office is located at Old Orchard and highway I-94.

Licensed and Board Certified Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist

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